Are you cuffing it this summer?

A jewellery trend that has been around for a while but until now has only been territory of the jewel-brave has now reached the high street. And when I mean high street I mean mainstream – we’re talking everyone here.

What is it? The ear cuff?

Walk into any high street store from H&M to TopShop and hit up ASOS online, you can’t miss their summer collection of earcuffs.

And it’s not limited to cheap affordable brands either – the high end of the fashion scene are fully embracing the earcuffs as well – from Repossi’s £9,500+ 18 carat gold and diamond studded earcuffs to Ryan Storer’s $570 Swarovski and pearl rose gold ear cuffs to Jacqui Aiche’s very elegant £650 ear cuffs

…the ear cuff is no longer limited to the brave, to the punk, to the edgy and the kids, it’s no longer just for those who wear flannel shirts and Doc Martens – the ear cuff is now very grown up and for everyone who wants one.

asos swarovski earcuff statement jewelry oasap leaves shape earcuff

swarovski ear cuff pinterest topshop gold earcuff

From the very small and dainty to the statement Swarovski earcuff – are you going to be rocking any this summer?

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