How To: work gold into casual daywear?

For many gold is a daunting and opverwhelming colour – it is something that takes over the outfit even though there’s only a tiny bit of it. How many times haves you wanted to rock the gold but then it’s distracted from the fine details you spent so long putting together and you had to scrap it?

Gold might seem difficult to incorporate – especially into casual day outfits, so let me show show you how to:

– start with matt gold, brushed gold or a light gold – even a bronze tint if you’re more comfortable with that

– start with small accessories – gold does not need to be limited to jewellery, and that’s exactly what we want to more away from – so think belts, shoes, gloves, scarves, hair accessories, small clutch bags and mini shoulder bags

– contrast the gold with – dark casual colours like dark grey, navy blue, olive and khaki – the combination of gold and khaki is awesome!

– wear your gold accessories with your most basic and “plain” outfits – think white t-shirts, plain leggings, baggy boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, big baggy parka jacket etc.

Here are a few examples I’ve found for you – all images are from – go on there and create your own inspiration boards to get you started :)

How to blend in a gold clutch bag into your casual day outfits:

gold clutch with parka gold sequin clutch with jeans

mini gold clutch bag vintage gold shoulder bag

How to wear a gold belt:

gold belt on black white and gold trouser outfit

How to wear gold shoes – gold gladiator sandals, gold high heels & gold brogues:

gold brogues on stylescrapbook gold gladiator sandals

gold high heels poppy delevigne in gold heels and ripped jeans


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