Stack those rings!

A sort-of-but-not-really new trend that’s been around since last summer is the stacking rings – you can go for the cheapy cheap Accessorize versions or you can go for the super delicate fine jewellery edition of the stackable rings, but either way it’s a fun creative way of wearing a lot of different rings slightly differently each time! Especially with different coloured stone rings you can make the essentially same set of rings look slightly different every time…

I’ve had a good look around for some seriously elegant and stylish stackable rings and how different people have styled them and here is my little selection from the wide wide web :)
gold and diamonds stackable rings feather ring stacking
For the fine edition of the stacking rings that are still cool – go for these gorgeous 18ct gold and diamond rings by independent designer Larissa Landinez (top left) or for a slightly chunkier edit – there’s always the amazing selection of Ioselleliani rings (a personal fave).
pearl and diamond silver stacking rings michelle oh organic stacking rings
You don’t have to blow your budget to get a gorgeous set of stacking rings – the pearl and diamonds (faux) silver ring set above left is only £81/ $120 and already pre-stacked for you :)
layered stackable rings
I love love love how delicate these rings are in the above pic – one of my fave stackable rings set I could find on Pinterest :)
delicate stacking rings gold diamond stacking rings
gold ring stacking
I’m not too sure the organic ring look is for me personally, but I love the stacked ring set above – love the fish bone ring with the stone and the snake ring especially!!
In case you’re a fan of square rings you can totally find those as stacking rings as well – I personally don’t have any and am not sure they’d be too comfortable, but square stackable rings actually look cute?
  square stacking rings stacking rings

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