Origami Jewellery Swan Necklace?

There is an independent French jewellery designer duo called Origami Jewellery. The French designer duo Claire and Arnaud make jewellery inspired by Japanese style and creativity – learning the art of Japanese Origami paper folding from a friend they were inspired to capture this beautiful Japanese art form in precious metals like gold and silver and the jewellery brand “Origami Jewellery” was born in 2008. The first piece was Tsuru® – the crane, the symbol of peace in Japan. Tsuru® was soon joined by the rabbit, the deer, the triceratops and others like the swan…

origami jewellery gold swan necklace

Now as much as I love the high street and as much money as I personally spend on the high street – and don’t get me wrong – I personally genuinely love H&M – I don’t think it’s very cool they’ve gone and copied the Origami Swan Necklace. The amount of H&M in my wardrobe is limitless. I can spend hours in an H&M. I bought 2 new tops and a dress at H&M day before yesterday. In no way am I a designer snob who turns her nose at the high street – but a blatant ripoff of an independent designer? Not very cool H&M. Simply NOT cool.

What are your thoughts? How do you feel about big high street corporations ripping off small independent designers and getting away with it?

origami swan necklace by h&m

h&m swan origami necklace


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