How about some all white?

As you all know and as I keep banging on and on about – I love black. Black is the perfect colour for everything. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Everywhere. Would I wear black to a wedding? If I could get away with it and not get cursed for life I’d most definitely try, you bet!

So today we’re going to try something a bit different – we’re going to veer off to the opposite side of the spectrum and see how some people rock the all white while I’m busy rocking the all black. And you know what, there’s some stunning all white ensembles out there – respect to y’all!

all white trouser shirt combo

I’ve picked only the actual all white combos – I reckoned I’d be cheating by just picking white dresses which could easily slip into a slightly bridal affair…so strictly trousers and skirts here. Some fierce whiteness to be spotted on Pinterest – like my very favourite all white look below:

all white palazzo trousers white blouse

all white lace blouse frill

all white vintage skirt white blouse


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