L for Lazarus – hat & scarf combinations?

So this year, this autumn, this winter I will not let the weather get the better of me. I’m going to be SO prepared to take this bitch on, no matter how nasty she gets with me – I’m determined! I’ve already stocked up on some amazingly warm and insanely comfy fleece lined leggings (if you don’t have any and live somewhere cold, trust me – these will change your life) and am on the lookout for a massive chunky knit scarf as well…but I think this here might also be on my must-have list for this winter:

lazarus hat and scarf combination winter warmer accessories

This “thing” is called a “hat & scarf combination” by its innovative Dutch designer L for Lazarus. Yes, makes sense. Normally my reflex reaction would be to think something like this belongs in the category fugly but this one here has totally grown on me – and I know I can trust the Dutch to make something thats going to be warm enough to wear when you ride a bicycle in the windiest country ever – so I think I’m going to be taking the plunge on this one in the picture above!

One Response to “L for Lazarus – hat & scarf combinations?”
  1. denimdujour says:

    Loving that look! Wish I could pull it off!
    Check out my blog: denimdujour.wordpress.com
    – Sarah

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