Ring, rings rings…

Being the avid collector of all types of jewellery that I am, I do think earrings and necklaces are my favourite – followed by rings and finally by bracelets. I really should work on the bracelet side of the collection, ’tis getting neglected. Severely neglected. Mental note to self – *do not neglect the bracelets*. Anyway I digress – today we look at rings, some of my favourite rings…we don’t want to look at the ones we’ve falled out of love with now do we? Et voila:

lilynoa fashion ring collection


What can we recognise? What names can we pick out of the pile? Some Chanel (yes, I decided I needed to give myself some love), some Brick Lane vintage ring hunting, some Aldo & TopShop rings, a YSL arty ring, the Shaun Leane black heart ring, the gorgeous Low Luv by Erin Wasson double ring and lots and lots of Michal Negrin (of course – all thise trips to Israel need mementos obviously!), happy days!


lilynoa low luv double ring deer skull antler ring

deer skull antler ring ysl arty ring shaun leane black heart ring pearl ring


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