Pinterest addiction & my love of leopard…

I joined a while ago and am totally loving it – it’s a giant treasure trove of all things you could possibly love and want to create little mood boards of – you find out there are loads of other crazies out there that love the same random shit you do, it’s awesome!

So, I’ve been creating random boards for stuff I like – people, photography, places, mottos – inspiring icons – anything really? Ranging from Beautiful People, to Places I Love and Mottos for Life…you name it! Anyway, as I mentioned the leopard in the title, pinterest has also been a great place to feed my love for the giant cat. Here is a little selection of the gorgeous leopard things you can find on my Leopard Love board:

leopard print scarf

leopard print sofa leopard print chair

leopard print jacket

leopard print shoes leopard heels

And this is only just a little taster of the HUGE range of all things leopard on my board of Leopard Love – you won’t believe it, but I’ve found everything from leopard stairs, leopard eyeshadow & leopard nails to leopard cupcakes. Yes, it’s true, it all actually exists – somewhere…out there. I’m LOVING it :)


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