Wild Thing – accessorise a leopard dress…

So my last post was all about how to wear the leopard print. Here let’s have a look at how to accessorise around the leopard for those brave ones who have gone all out for a full-on leopard print dress…

I think the cue is to make the leopard look “harmless” and also “individual” at the same time – to show character in an ocean of people doing leopard the wrong way and to downplay the “fierceness” of the leopard simultaneously…

accessorise a leopard print dress

– use lots of black – black is always the new black and don’t EVER let anyone tell you otherwise

– go big on the beauty – false lashes, smokey eyes, bright red nails etc. you don’t want to disappear and fade behind the leopard, it’s still about YOU

– accessorize cleverly with ‘cute’ and playful details (cue: the bow suede gloves and the acorn pendant)

– accessorize cleverly with elegant and ladylike details (cue: diva plain black clutch, Linda Farrow sunglasses, delicate gold leaf ring)


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