how to wear leopard print?

Call it tacky, call it brash, but sometimes there’s just nothing that beats a good healthy dose of leopard print.

Leopard print can most definitely be classy, elegant and tasteful too…just make sure you’re wearing the right size and not 2 sizes too small maybe? That does tend to help…

leopard print with red nails and lipstick

A leopard print dress can sometimes be all you need to stand out without showing even the tiniest bit of skin.

Wear an all black ensemble with some striking leopard print shoes? Boom, you just hit jackpot!

leopard shoes stiletto high heel leopard

For those amongst us that are relatively new and maybe not yet that comfortable with the fierce big cat, how about some accessories that you could potentially even take off or kind of hide during the night/ day should you suddenly feel like it’s too much? A leopard print scarf or even a leopard print bag are perfect options! Given that the bag is a leopard print clutch and you have a bigger (preferably black leather bag) one you could stick it into…

beautiful leopard print scarf with red nails and ysl arty ring

And yes, this next one is something I haven’t even tried yet – leopard print nails! I’ve been known to publicly show my love of leopard in everything from bags, jewellery and even leopard print leggings and I’ve also been known to never shy away from some crazy nails (currently rocking Chanel’s Peridot shade for weeks – such a perfect colour for Christmas?!) – but I just haven’t found someone who can do this for me dammit – the hunt for the ultimate nail artist in North London continues – let me know if you know anyone you can reccommend!

leopard print nails

*all images taken from – please let me know if any of them are yours and you’d like me to either take them down or credit you – will do asap.

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