Celebrities shot in Fetish trend?

As soon as Kate Moss had exited the Louis Vuitton show wearing bondage boots and smoking a ciggie, followed by Lady Gaga doing the same in skin-tight leather at Mugler, our suspicions were confirmed: fetish wear is cracking its whip. So I thought I’d have a look at who was shot in the best fetish style – which celebrity does it best?

So here we go – that’s a few of the finest and fairest of all taking the fetish trend to extremes in their photoshoots – from the Queen that is Madonna and who shocked the world with her fetish before it even remotely became a mainstream trend to the true mistress who masters it Dita von Teese – and even people I don’t think are particularly good at it – like Mila, Scarlett and Yasmin. But hey, here’s the whole spectrum :) Enjoy!

The Key Pieces:

Wide belts, an Officer’s cap and anything in black leather – preferably patent?

Actress Mila Kunis in Fetish Style for Elle Magazine photoshoot

Pop Queen & Goddess Madonna - Queen of Fetish before anyone else even got it

Dita von Teese and Scarlett Johansson in fetish photoshoot

Yasmin leBon in military fetish photoshoot


2 Responses to “Celebrities shot in Fetish trend?”
  1. Awesome shots, I love them, so racy

  2. marcela says:

    Actually, these shots are referencing Charlotte Rampling in the 1974 film, The Night Porter.

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