my summer dresses by Dana Ashkenazi?

Flying to TLV again for a bit of sunshine on the 21st of April, I’m contemplating packing my Dana Ashkenazi summer dresses – I’m wondering if I should just leave them here and then head for the shop on Sheinkin on the first day and just buy some new dresses??

I love the grey figure hugging midi dress – it’s like the most comfortable dress ever – and its plain grey marl on the front and funky coloured stripes all down the back…not to be outdone by the the blue maxi dress with “make a scene” all over it….

Meeeh!! Decisions oh decisions :)

In the meantime, check out the designer’s website for some inspiration…I just couldn’t see enough on the website so I don’t know if the current collection is any good or not?

My dream job would be to work on bringing Israeli fashion and jewellery designers to the UK, Europe and taking them international – but hey, I’d need to be able to find contact details first in order to get in touch with them…why do they all have such shit websites?

dana ashkenazi fashion


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