leaving on a jet plane – to ha ir tlv!

Easter’s just around the corner and things are heating up. Yes, the holiday season has arrived.

AND – last night I booked my personal little Easter break – TEL AVIV CITY, here I come again baby!

Yes, it’s the same thing every April more or less, I try and think of places to go and I always end up going to Tel Aviv again. Why? Because it’s amazing! It’s one of the best cities in the world – amazing weather, lovely people, great food, amazing atmosphere, hot nightlife, awesome shopping…need I continue?!

I do end up doing a fair bit of shopping whenever I am in Tel Aviv – usually lots of fashion and jewellery, then the rare occasional Judaica items for around the house (painted glass hamsas with blessings to hang in my window etc.) but I obviously need to pack something to get there as well – so what’s going into my luggage?

I will definitely have my Dana Ashkenazi dresses…my Irit bikini and summer tops, I need a good pair of sandals though and a beach bag…and maybe some new sunglasses?

How about these:

tom ford sunglasses maximillian ray ban wayfarer sunglasses

I love Tom Ford but then these funky Ray-Ban wayfarers do intrigue me as well!

dvf kaftan beach top heidi klein bikini striped

I love my sheer kaftans for lounging on a rooftop sun lounger – with my sunnies on and my tanning oil smelling of lovely coconut :) and this striped bikini by Heidi Klein is not my usuai Victoria’s Secret style but very cute, no?



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