Tom Ford’s Girls…the girl? Julia. Of course.

models for tom ford's 2011 womenswear show in new york

There are things we disagree on – Lily and I. One of them definitely is the phenomenon that is Tom Ford.

Tom Ford: the (according to me) genius fashion designer turned writer, producer and acclaimed movie director is back in fashion.

I love Tom. Lily does not love Tom.

I love his business sense. She dislikes his lack of inner artiste. Ah.

The designer confirmed last year that it was a matter of “when” not “if” he would launch a women’s line.

“Financing is extremely expensive right now, so if we find financing in the right situation we’ll be able to start [a women’s collection] soon. If we don’t, we may have to wait a while,” the former Gucci and YSL helmer said as far back as in October 2009.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld and Tom Ford share a fashionable history together probably born out of his intimate friendship with her mother Carine from his days at Rive Gauche.

Anyway, after Ford left Yves Saint Laurent and launched his own fragrance, Black Orchid, he called Julia and asked her to star in the advertising campaign.

It’s no surprise to anyone really therefore that Julia is the face to showcase the VERY MUCH anticipated spring/summer 2011 collection of womenswear that the maestro finally brings us…the models on the runway for his first show included Beyonce, Lou Doillon, Julianne Moore and Lauren Hutton to name only a few.


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