The Barbour Red International? Or the Union Jack?

It is Christmas and it is Winter, these two factors combined have resulted in multiple buys of the Barbour Union Jack International Jacket on my bank account – definitely seems to THE item the boys want on their Christmas wish-list…

Barbour men's international union jack coat

I must say this is probably the coolest Barbour jacket around and though I’ve never been a Barbour fan I think I’m slowly beginning to be swayed towards liking this one quite a lot – the inside is pretty cool (especially considering it’s a bloody Barbour):

Barbour Union Jack International Jacket inside

I was entirely under the impression that this jacket only came in the men’s version – but browsing the internet I discovered traces of this Barbour international jacket also having existed for the ladies once upon a time:

barbour international jacket womens womens union jack barbour international jacket

Sooo – I’m thinking of considering one for myself now – though originally I’d been lusting after the bright red Barbour International, but that one does seem to be sold out everywhere – but who knows, I might actually be liking this one even more…hmm…


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