the dress is in black lace…

On the 2nd of September we had a lovely article by our Guest Writer – the one and only Minni Me.

One of her absolute must-haves for the season was lace, lace and more lace (and trust me – this girl definitely loves her lace!)…

Being the fashion-insider that she is, there was no way she was going to be wrong on any of this – not by faaaarrr. Since her article, lace has been pouring in thick and fast for autumn winter 2010.

We’re seeing it all – the lace dresses, the lace shoes, the lace tops and basically yes, anything that you could stick a bit of lace has got it this season :) So why not have a major “focus” on the lace dress right now eh?

Let’s see which designers we managed to catch red-handed with their black lace dresses…uhmmm, Burberry Prorsum, Tibi, D&G (obviously), Notte by Marchesa, Preen, Paul & Joe, Moschino Cheap & Chic…I told you…they’re ALL doing it right now

Notte by Marchesa lace dress (for only £670.00):

D&G lace strapless corset dress (as seen on  the gorgeous and ever-stylish cherryblossomgirl):

Tibi Chantal Lace fitted Dress:

Burberry Prorsum Lace Panelled Silk Dress:

Paul & Joe Barbie Lace Dress:

Red Valentino – bow detail jersey lace dress:

And who else could I find…uhmmm…Sandro, By Malene Birger, Vanessa Bruno Athe, Donna Karan…you get the drift…


2 Responses to “the dress is in black lace…”
  1. Minni Me says:

    True I do love my lace :)

    Combined with leather and I’m in heaven!

  2. Kamberley says:

    I was looking evryewerhe and this popped up like nothing!

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