H&M Home Collection UK…

This morning Lily and I got off the bus and were walking to work when I suddenly noticed that during my 2 week absence the big H&M store on Oxford Street had brand new windows – the H&M Home UK launch arrives this Autumn!!

If you’re anything like us you’re already an H&M junkie AND a total IKEA addict as well (damn, those Swedes know how to empty our wallets don’t they?!) so if some trend-driven and fashion-focused homeware is what you crave, you won’t be disappointed…

First they took over the high street (worldwide) – then they convinced all the big fashion designers to collaborate with them (Lanvin coming next month!!) and then they went online (worldwide) – and still not content with getting this far already on their quest for ultimate world domination the fashion giant that is H&M is now launching its very own homeware collection in time for Autumn 2010 (in the UK – already been around in the nordics much longer- duh!).


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