Ma booties

This week I have received an invitation to a massive Christmas party organised by a Fashionista.

Great news right ?

Yeah… well right now it feels more like some kind of punishement because the hostess herself mentioned she was already stressed out about what she was going to wear (in two months), and insisted we rock our best outfits ever for this evening = be super trendy & look hot.
Gulp.. Coming from someone who has the best taste in fashion… double gulp.. All this to say it’s time to shop for an outfit, and I obviously already started with the shoes :)

Topshop has an amazing collection of shoes at the moment.. it’s a little “feet heaven” with all kinds of styles to pick from. From platforms to kitty heels, peeptoes to pointy,leather to furry, black to printed, sexy to comfy, and cheap to… less cheap, OMG Topshop just has it all. And amid all of these other chicks trying on any shoes they remotely liked I just picked a couple of pairs, tried them on, made my choice relatively quickly, walked around the store for hours, and bought my new booties!



Now I just have to find the rest to go with!

Have a nice Sunday


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