Meet Abigail Lorick

I always heard here and there brief stories of Abigail Lorick, stylist of Gossip Girl..
But I only just now discovered that OMG is she young and hot! OK, being young, hot and successful isn’t impossible, but for some reason I’d always imagine Abigail a bit differently…

Spotted! The ghost designer behind Eleanor Waldorf’s line on Gossip Girl. She started her fashion career as a Ford model but this NYC based designer prefers to do her work behind-the-scenes (save for a cameo or two).
It wasn’t always that way for the Amelia Island, Florida-native. Abigail started her career in fashion jet-setting between Paris, Milan and NYC modeling for the likes of Alberta Ferretti, Elle and French Cosmopolitan. But you can’t blame a smart girl from trying something different. Lorick left the modeling gig in favor of school. After attending New York University and the Fashion Institute of Technology, the blond beauty worked up the ranks at T.S. Dixon starting as an intern and eventually taking the role as head designer. Fast forward to today and her own line Lorick is taking off – she recently snagged retailers in Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Beirut, Korea, Switzerland, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom !
A couple of shots from the last Collection :
Shop Lorick online :

And finally for the ultimate Gossip Girl fans, don’t forget to shop The shirt of the Season : Bisous Bisous


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