I love Mawi, you love Mawi, we love Mawi…

I discovered a beautiful jewellery brand this weekend..

As Noa and I were having a wonder at the Somerset House for London Fashion Weekend (we’ll tell you more about this event in the upcoming days..) I discovered an amazing jewellery brand. My first impression when I saw the brand while browsing through the jewellery section was ” wow”. The jewellery is quit “unsual” and really stands out. I didn’t know whether I liked or not, whether I found it cheap or “couture”, whether I’d want to know more about it or just go on to the next brand.. To be fairly honest I didn’t even bother to look at the brands name. (what a shame I know…)

As the day went by, Noa kept talking about this beautiful Mawi bracelet she completely fell in love with, and wanted to go back to the stand to check it out one last time. (At the time I had only vaguely heard of Mawi, but never really knew who they were or what they were doing..) As we got there, obviously, it was the stand where I was standing earlier that morning wondering “why what when where… this jewellery is a bit much…”

She showed me the bracelet wich I would never have bought for myself but of course looked gorgeous on her. She was rocking the black leggings, black studded boots, black shirt and black leather jacket… That bracelet just made the outfit look completely unique! At that exact moment it hit me :  “I need Mawi jewellery”.
I had a browse at the collection, and in fact the longer I was standing there the more i loved it. It’s just so thick and heavy (which I love in jewellery), it’s contemporary and yet has this über glamorous twist to it.

The Maxi Teardrop Bracelet in red : Noa’s purchase

It is massive, and probably not an easy one, but it’s definitely the perfect accessory to wear when you’re feeling the black mood. It also is available in green, and I would almost say I prefer it so!

A few pieces from the latest collection : it’s very “punky meets gothic couture while being trendy and minimal chic…” no??!

And most of all… my favourite… but Noa didn’t want to buy it for me…
(What kind of friend does that?!

The Mawi Chain Bracelet in Gold

It’s gold, heavy, thick, and just feels great on the wrist. They do this bracelet in different width and also exists in black silver. Un vrai petit délice !!

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  1. […] personally much more a fan of either big chunky gold statement jewellery or alternatively very androgynous jewellery, basically anything involving skulls and birds skulls […]

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