Jimmy Choo goes Ugg…moi thinks its uuugghh…

Have you ever come across a fashion blog that writes negative feedback? Don’t you think they all just oooh-aaah over complete crap way too often? There are blogs that are critical about cinema…about books…about music…but never ever it seems about fashion? Why?

Well I’ve found something I’d love to give you my most honest opinion about and woohoo – I DO NOT like it – not in the least…

It seems that H&M have infected the rest of the world with collaboration fever since everyone saw their various designer collaborations shoot into the outer stratosphere of high street success…and one of the brands which previously collaborated with H&M has decided to give it another shot elsewhere – Jimmy Choo has decided to create a “capsule collection” in collaboration with UGG Australia…

In a burst of creative genius this collection has been named “UGG & Jimmy Choo” – it can get very confusing I know!

To be previewed and pre-ordered already on the Jimmy Choo website – click here for that pleasure – I think its a MAJOR FAIL in the making.

jimmy choo ugg

I’m not a fan of Jimmy Choo in the first place – its kind of like Blahniks for the tasteless nouveau riche if you ask me – Manolos for poor people?

AND I’m definitely not a fan of UGG boots either – those of you who live outside the UK probably do not realise that over here UGGs are like some sort of a national disease that canNOT be eradicated and the UGG virus only seems to get stronger each year with all the different versions they bring out of the same crap…anyway – so this holy union of these two brands was never destined to be one to my liking – but as it will be hitting stores in about 2 weeks we do need to cover it I figured…so here are some images, let us know what you think:

The Star Boot going for £495.00

If you want some “signature” star hardware to give your UGG boots some Jimmy Choo “rock star edge” then please spend £495 on these boots and make sure you do send me a picture…

Sora Fringe Boots for £595.00

BUT fear not if the star hardware is too hardcore rock chic for you to handle – just go for this tall beige UGG boot with a double fringe for an easy peasy £595.00…

Some Safari UGGs for $495.00

Or while you’re at it, why not go for some Safari Chic with “antique” studs and a “glamourous” zebra print – to be honest, this is soooo ugly I would actually wear it for laughs – obviously I’d never pay for it though.

And last but definitely not least – a shoe so ugly that I had to save the image as the “ugg-choo-wtf-boot” – there is nothing else to say about it:

jinny choo ugg siobhan boot

The ugliest boot I ever saw for £395.00?

Considering the longevity of their respective brands and the success they have enjoyed so far, one would generally assume that the likes of UGG Australia and Jimmy Choo would and should know better than to come up with the likes of the above??

In the wise words of the one and only Tamara Mellon this collaboration is clearly a match made in heaven: “Other than Jimmy Choo, UGG Australia is the only other footwear I have in my wardrobe. We are delighted to have created a special capsule that captures the best of both brands – the legendary comfort of UGG with the spirit of Jimmy Choo.”

…despite never having been a fan of UGG bots I’ll hesitantly believe the comfort bit there but the best of both brands and the “spirit….really Tamara – REALLY?!?!

This my dear readers is a major case of WTF – right here…

3 Responses to “Jimmy Choo goes Ugg…moi thinks its uuugghh…”
  1. kat100 says:

    Those are just hideous.

    • five spot says:

      It’s a shame that it’s all about the money today…..
      ’cause I don’t think that brand would still be around if it was just up to the creative people in this world…..

      but like you said, the people want them, the people buy them, and sadly…..the people wear them!

      You have to admire the fact that they are “still around!!” and getting contracts with people like Jimmy Choo!

      the shoes are UGGs, so they are what they are! you have to admire the attempt though! right?


  2. Elisabet says:

    OH, I am so agreeing right now. Not pretty at all. I may have been a little bit harsh, but here is my take on (some) British fashion (and the UGG’s): http://stylebyelisabet.blogspot.com/2010/09/british-fashion-is-it-belt-or-dress.html

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