Jérôme Dreyfuss my New Love

Ok, I may be a bit late on this one…

I have always heard of Jérôme Dreyfuss here and there but have never really deeply looked into his work… And today it hit me as I was browsing le Google… his bags are amazing!!

At 18 years old Jérôme Dreyfuss started working for the one and only John Galliano to become, a sweet couple of years later consultant for the prestigious model agency Elite.

The french designer hit it off when launching his first clothing collection “Couture à Porter” aka “Couture to Wear” in 1998. He was just 23 at the time and yet entered the exclusif circle of renown talented designers and was refered to as “Le Nouveau Jean-Paul Gaultier“.

Within the next years, and as his brand grew stronger worldly, many celebs’ amid Michael Jackson, were seen wearing Jérôme Dreyfuss. Clap Clap Clap Jérôme!

In 2002 JD decides to focus on bags and releases his first bag collection named “Roots de Luxe” made of skins and soft leathers; the success is immediate, and in 2008 Jérôme Dreyfuss opens his first accessory boutique in Paris (of course…!)

His biggest success :


What we love about his bags : the soft leather, the perfect volumes, the pockets, the details, the trendy yet ever lasting designs, the colors and much more..



“I noticed that between the Ipod, the phone, the lipstick etc.. society created more and more objects, and women needed space for them in their bag. My bags are simply accessories for accessories.”



And for those of you that love a bit of Gossip… I believe he is married to the french designer Isabel Marant (only one of my favourite ready to wear brands at the moment…) and have a little family of their own! xoxo…

One Response to “Jérôme Dreyfuss my New Love”
  1. five spot says:

    I love Jerome, I love Isabel, and I love you for writting about them….

    the bags look great! I may have to pick one up for a special lady friend! :)



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