“Oh oui Mon Chéri”

For your eyes only..

I don’t have much to say about lingerie apart from the fact that I love it! From buying, to wearing, to showing, to hiding… i use and abuse of it..

I Love wearing : Princesse Tam Tam

The french company was created in 1983 by two friends and was named after the movie Princess Tam Tam in which Josephine Baker plays a dancer. This is probably the most famous brand in France for women from 20 to 30. It’s young, fresh, romantic, sexy, comfortable, affordable to smaller budgets, you name it! (25£ to 40£ per bra / 10£ to 20£ per underwear)

And they do amazing swimwear.. monokinis, bikinis, trikinis from plain to printed or flashy swimsuit, it’s all over the beach..

I Want to wear Chantal Thomass

Created by Chantal Thomass herself in 1975 the french brand is now known as one of the most luxurious lingerie brands on the market. For her, lingerie is all about seduction.. (150£ to 300£ for top&bottom / 1000£ for a corset)

And here she is, Chantal Thomass in person : most of the time, the models from her adds look exactly like her.

I discovered not too long ago : Tallulah Love

Tallulah Love is a recent english lingerie brand that was just presented at the lingerie show in Paris in January 2010. The creative force behind the brand is Michelle Taylor, ex design director at Playboy Intimates. Her designs are very romantic, powdery and vintage. (70£ t0 90£ per bra / 40£ to 50£ per knickers)

I also very much Enjoy : Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear was founded in 1969. Known for its simplicity and minimalism, we all love to wear simple comfortable cotton lingerie… what a delight! (25£ to 35£ per bra / 25£ for a pack of 3 panties / 20£ for a pack of 5 thongs)

interesting facts about lingerie :

-The word “Lingerie” derives from the French word linge meaning “washable”

-The biggest lingerie consumers are English, German then french

-British women buy  2700£ worth of bras in a lifetime

Babydoll lingerie is one of the favourite of both men and women

Victoria’s Secret is the worlds largest and undeniably the most recognized lingerie manufacturer

-An average woman owns 16 bras at any one time

-In France it is the women aged from 45 to 54 years old that buy the most lingerie

-The buying of bigger sizes : C and D is has been quickly increasing for the last couple of years

-63% of men have never bought their woman lingerie

-A woman buys in average 4 bras per year

One Response to ““Oh oui Mon Chéri””
  1. five spot says:

    The only reason that we don’t buy “lingerie” is because we like the surprise, and then……taking them off! It’s only natural!

    Check out “Layer Cake”…..Miss Miller knows the best way to use “lingerie” as a weapon! AMAZINGLY HOT!

    But who can help out the poor men in this world? Calvin Klien can only do so much…..

    Maybe Noa should ask Mr. Kortajarena, just an idea…..:)

    bye for now!

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