Today let’s talk about Topshop

I have a confession to make… I have never bought anything from Topshop..! (I have once, but from Topman.. doesn’t count..) Not that I don’t like the store, it’s actually the very opposite. Every now and then after a long day at work I really enjoy browsing through the store. I’ll wander around, go from floor to floor, check out the new collections, the vintage section, the jewellery, the menswear… I’ll just hang out in the store wanting to buy everything I remotely like, but I won’t even bother to check out the prices because I know it will be, for most of it, out of my budget. Yes, I have a budget for what we french like to call “coups de coeur“, and Topshop clothing usually doesn’t fit in that budget. Grrrrrr

Anyway, I was checking out the online shop earlier today, and stumbled across a couple of sweet products!! Just though I’d give you a heads up!

Fox Print Dress 75£

I love cheesy prints! I’ll wear cat printed skirts, fish printed t-shirts, bunny printed jackets, why not fox printed dresses ?!  This one has something french to it.. It almost makes me think of  “Les Fables de la Fontaine”.

Chain Necklace T 35£

Nice “basic T” I can rock with black slim jeans,a plain jacket and high heelsThe look is basic, but the “necklace” on the t-shirt will add a lot to it. Perfect to mingle on a week night!

Feather Dreamcatcher Drops 20£

No explanations needed.. I have been offered a dreamcatcher when I was 6… Ever since then I love them :)

Gem Beaded Waistcoat 32£

Absolutely love waistcoats if they’re feminine. Again, it’s an easy one, you throw it on a plain white t-shirt, denim shorts, low boots, and you’re good to go!

Suede Pleat Short 65£

Haven’t tried any suede shorts yet, but these would look rather nice I think (with high high heels absolutely!!)

Molasses Tapestry Boot 32£

I have a very mixed feeling about these shoes. I know they’re not the best looking shoes ever, but I also know that once I put my feet into them, they will become my new favourite pair of shoes. Nicely worn with denim shorts or leggings and a t-shirt I could go for the trendy/comfy look… Perfect for a sunday in Bricklane!

Annex High Leg Ankle Boots 90£

And finally, I just think these boots are beautiful. The hight is a bit different but I personally think that  it makes legs look thinner. Wear them with thick printed socks for the full winter effect!

When taking a glance at all of it together it definitely looks like I’m going for the whole indian, bohemian, gypsy look depending on how I combine them… I’m cool with that! Definitely sounds like me!

Enjoy the last bits of the weekend :)

One Response to “Topshop”
  1. I love the earrings, I’d wear them to bed and see if they turn black the next morning, then I’d know if they work or not. Fashionable accessory, and nightmare prevention! No I’m totally kidding, I wouldn’t do that, but I do like them!

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