Zara Zara Zara…

It’s official, the Zara Online Store is Live!!!

Of course the clothes look Amazing!!! I feel like saying they almost look better online than in the actual store… which is a wild thing to say as this season the clothes in stores are beautiful.

The browsing is really simple and practical, just pick the gender and the line you want to shop. You can also browse by characteristics, color, size and price.. tssss too easy!

The photos look great, and yet you know exactly how it’s going to fit you just by looking at the product. The colors are exactly the ones you want to wear this winter, and the prices are what we want them to be… sweet and joyful…! I also like that there is no useless description. The appearance is very simple, it’s all about the product; the photo, the color,the size, the print, the composition, and a very good zoom.

The online store has a big range of the collection meaning that by shopping online you’re really not missing much from the store (except maybe the mess, the crowded space and the queue…)

Not only do they sell the collections, but you can also browse the “lookbook”. If you’re not convinced with anything in particular, once you checked that out, you’ll definitely want to shop… Plus, the Zara catalogue will soon be online. I’m guessing it will probably look like H&M’s : trends, colors, fabrics, key pieces, making of ‘s, a little something about the models, the staff, the photo shoots… Can’t wait to check it out..!

About the shipping : the price is £3.95 for standard delivery which is due between 3 to 5 working days. If you prefer, you can have your package delivered in a store of your choice, for free. On the other hand, any return is free and will be picked up by a coursier.

NOTE : for the high-tech fans, the apps are available for IPad & IPhone.. you can shop from anywhere… :)

My Wishlist (just had to do one…)

sandals £59.99

wedges £59.99

bag £59.99

bag £49.99

dress £35.99

dress £19.99

shirt £25.99

t-shirt £19.99

shirt £29.99

cape £99.00

The rumour says H&M is also opening its online store… to be continued…

For those of you that have had problems with the website.. be gentle with it. As it’s ‘s first day it may be a bit overflowed.. Just give it a couple of minutes and it’ll work again!

One Response to “Zara Zara Zara…”
  1. Minni Me says:

    Rumour has it H&M is live next week!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOOO

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