Noa hearts camels…

It is a commonly known thing that I tend to have a soft spot for camels – the real ones that is – the smelly hairy ones you can ride in the desert…not the ones everyone’s wearing now…

I think this all originated from this picture from my last holiday in Israel:

Aaaanyway this is my intro into the wonderful world of CAMEL – which is the new HOT colour of the season (alongside RUST of course)…

Every single one of the biggies on the runway has been sending them down – some in super volumes of Camel (call it toffee or tan or caramel or even sand if you like – I’m not too fussed):

DKNY and MaxMara were definitely feeling a lot of love for the camel this season, others in less overwhelming volumes of the colour included Louis Vuitton, BCBG MaxAzria, Micheal Kors, Aquascutum, Giles and many more…

Personally I don’t think I could actually rock this colour because of my skin-tone? I think I’m just the wrong shade of dark for it – I would look like I’m wearing some sort of nude camouflage kind-of-thing but that doesn’t mean I can’t like it though!

A slightly darker tone of camel to be found at – capes are meant to be huge this winter too – so camel + cape = pretty on trend no? And for only £140 from John Smedley, you really can’t complain.

Collarless cashmere Camel coat by Alexander McQueen

For a more “glossy” take on it, we turn to dearest late McQueen for a cashmere collarless version going for a very sweet (hold your breath and make sure you’re sitting down) £2,765…

miu miu shearling camel coat

I realise that Miu Miu are trying to blend Camel + Shearling and go for a double whammy on the trend scale but somehow this coat just made my brain go “UGG.” and thats just not enough for £2,125 for me – sorry. Not feeling it.

But then, Paul & Joe Sister have tried to do the same – slightly more succesful:

paul & joe sister camel shearling coat

For a 100% Sheepskin investment of £979 it does warm me more than the Miu Miu – but then it does look ready to brave the Arctic circle as well – maybe if I hit the Alps this winter? Or Canada?


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