what is this? yay or nay?

Ok I do get the whole fashion-is-an-art and its all about expression and creativity and energy and blah.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love it.

But sometimes I wonder if Coco Chanel was right in her criticism on clothes that were not practical and purpose-driven in their design?

And sometimes I just see something and the only thing that comes to mind is “WTF is that?!?!”…like this…

camel coat women - designers remix

I’m totally a fan of asymmetry- I love coats and jackets and have way too many – I love cashmere (who doesn’t anyway?) and I definitely love my Scandinavian designers…but WHAT was Charlotte Eskildsen thinking when she decided this would be a good idea??

Am I just hating on the shoulders? Or am  I hating on the colour – I know the camel coat rage is officially on with the camel pea coat and camel jackets being in every magazine I picked up over the weekend – but is this even camel or is it a dirty taupe?

So what do we think – yay or nay??


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