Aviator Jackets

It’s seems as if designers have all come to a common agreement..

As you’ve noticed, this seasons’ Must Have is the Aviator Jacket. Slowly making its way into stores, it’s all over adds, magazines, online stores, and give or take a couple of weeks, it will be all over the streets.

I love jackets inspired from uniforms. Luckily for me, after sailors and militaries it’s time for aviators… can’t wait to see what’s next !

Here is a selection of my favourites :

fake leather and sheepskin from Topshop : £58 (remarkable quality for the fake leather)

dark brown suede and sheepskin from Etam

black leather and sheepskin from Topshop : £325 (definitely my favourite…)

grey shearling hooded sleeveless shrug from my-wardrobe.com : £745

taupe leather shearling jacket from net-a-porter.com : £750

And finally it would be wise to list Burberry, but because I was incapable to choose one jacket from their beautiful collection, I’ll let you check it out for yourself on the official website.

2 Responses to “Aviator Jackets”
  1. Minni Me says:

    Burberry’s rang is fab!!! I hope one of you lovely girlies will help me ‘invest’ in one!! :)

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  1. […] Materials to include in your attire are definitely leather and fur, a personal favourite that combines these two trends as mentioned previously by Maadsie and is everywhere this year, is the aviator jacket. […]

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