On the Fringe…

If you’d asked me 18 months ago what I thought of anything with fringe on it I would have instinctively made some combination of choking and puking noises…I was dead-set against them…we are not all Beyonce or can pull off the things she can…

Like so many times, fashion has the tendency to slowly grow on you or rather slowly creep up on you when you don’t realise it.

In the meantime my most loyal and daily companion practically every single day is my totally fringe-tastic H&M bag which has been travelling the world with me the past few months – its been to Tel Aviv, to Brussels, to Paris…you name it.

black leather fringe bag h&m fringe shoulder bag

Sooo…ou est le fringe in August 2010 you might ask??

Le Fringe in August 2010 is very much all over the place to be honest…so I’ve gone on a little I-spy mission to help us understand the true extent of the reach of le fringe…

Le fringe is on les feet:

Alexander Wang fringe heels   fringe overknee boots
house of harlow fringe boots   kurt geiger fringe boots

Le fringe is on les bags:

oasis silver fringed bag   

   fringe designer bag black

Le fringe is on le body:

TBA beige fringe dress flapper   selected femme fringe back dress

sass & bide fringe maxi dress   strapless fringe mini dress

I was expecting the fringe to fade and die come the end of summer, but it seems to be still going strong for the new season (especially on shoes and boots??) – so not sure what to make of it – I still can’t decide whether I only like the one bag I have or whether I’m falling for the fringe (way too late for that)…what do we think of le fringe?

2 Responses to “On the Fringe…”
  1. Marc Diffberg says:

    Love the fringe sunglasses. I bet Kanye West is rocking those in his next video!

  2. KiNGofKiNGS says:

    Why did you cover your pretty face?

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