As you’ve all noticed, lace is back into stores meaning on the way to our wardrobe!

And even if you’re not too keen on lace at the moment no worries, it will eventually grow on you.. that’s how fashion works isn’t it ?!

Lace is an easy one because you can wear it to any occasion. The trick is just to do it the right way, starting with one item of lace at a time!

If you’re still a freshy at this, try wearing a pair of lace leggings instead of simple black tights. They’ll fit perfectly with denim shorts or a black mini skirt and they’re a great way to freshen’ up a little black dress.

If you’re going for the sensual look, wear a black lace bodysuit under a belted cardigan or a deep V neck t-shirt. A nice shaped black bra will do the trick. It’s all about showing it without exposing it… Men love it!

ASOS Boudoir Long Sleeve Lace Body (Black from £10)

And if you’re desperately in love with lace, dare the lace dress. Sexy but overall elegant it is the Must Have piece of the season: a perfect way to be effortlessly beautiful.

Shakuhachi Lace Shoulder Dress (60% off - for £96)

Note that you can use and abuse of black lace, but be careful with light colors. If you don’t want to look like a bride, mix it with a black leather jacket and studded boots.

And for those of you that think lace irritates the skin… those times are over… it is actually comfortable (ask Noa – she was wearing the ASOS body all day today)!!

3 Responses to “En-Lace-Moi”
  1. Duffberg says:

    Yay for the lace today!!! :-)

  2. Minni Me says:

    *sigh* we all know my love affair with lace and for that matter black lace mmmmmm *droooool*

  3. Fred says:

    I confirm that lace (done properly of course) has always had big impact on guys :)

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