socks with heels – yay or nay??

Having lived in good old Germania for (too) long and suffering prolonged exposure to the Germanic phenomenon that is white tennis socks worn with Birkenstock sandals (predominantly by the aryan male that is) I thought I was traumatised for life…

men wearing socks with birkenstock

I expected of myself that I’d break out into a cold sweat and start rocking to and fro, maybe start stuttering or develop a sudden jerk-of-the-head-kind-of-uncontrollable-twitch at the very mention of anything remotely along the lines of “socks-with-shoes“…

But no – here I am actually writing my first blog post on them. Such is the beautiful irony of life.

We first saw them 2 seasons ago – A/W 09 on les runways with knee socks and heels and thought no one in their right mind would catch on to it. Then in Spring Summer 2010 came the ‘summery’ version with the ankle socks in heels with a splash of c olour…

and guess what – the socks are back this season too:

AND – this time its on the highstreets and we even got Hollywood going gaga for the old Germanic sock in shoe trick!

If you really want to give it a shot…just keep in mind…

– bunchy socks around your ankles will make your legs look shorter, so if you’re paranoid about your pins not being long enough – maybe not the best look for you

– experiment with bright colours, contrasting the rest of the look – maybe even a crazy little pattern?

– always use thin socks only in finer fabrics (lace? crochet?) – don’t bulk up those ankles, never a good look…

– if you want to try a more country version, go for earthy tones and a mid-calf length bunched over flat mid-calf or ankle boots maybe?

Will I wear it too?

Not too sure…must confess I wear lace ankle socks with ballet flats – but ONLY with leggings or jeans…not sure where the borderline is right now…what do we think – a yay or a nay?

3 Responses to “socks with heels – yay or nay??”
  1. Minni Me says:

    Yayish :)

  2. With flat sandals like the first NO lol.. but with something that has a heel, it’s OK. :)


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